EMT Paramedic Salary

The difference between the life and death of a human being often times is decided in the hands of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics. People who are in danger due to serious medical reasons such as heart attack, allergic reactions, motor vehicle accidents, etc welcome these professionals and many have them to thank for still being among the living. This is a job that is fulfilling to those who do it; more so for the lives they save, than solely for the EMT paramedic salary.

Ideally, persons who have an interest in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician should be fit physically, be able to lift weight, be stable emotionally as well as being coordinated and nimble. A criminal record that is clean and good eyesight are also a plus.

There is a projection from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that between 2008 and 2018 the number of EMT will be increased by nine percent. This is basically in keeping with the projection with the average of all professions as well as in relation to the fact that with the increase with respect to the call volume because of the baby boomer generation who are now getting older, the emergency rooms will become more and more crowded and even over-crowded; which will result in EMTs spending considerably longer time periods with each patient they encounter.

The EMT paramedic salary is largely dependent on the sector of the EMT or paramedic you are employed to; meaning the private or the public sector. EMTs in the public sector can earn a rate per hour of $17.68; an annual salary of four hundred and thirty six dollars, seven hundred and eight dollars. This is according to the 2009 statistics. On the other hand, an EMT employed to the private sector can earn up to as much as $26.63 on a hourly basis; annually $55,380. The EMT paramedic salary for supervisors can range from as low $14.64 an hour to as high as $23.12 an hour, therefore having annual salary ranging between $41,379 and $60,287. Mid-range EMT paramedic salary per hour can range between $11.13 and $18.28,and at the end of the salary scale, the lowest 10% earned less than $9.08 and the highest 10% earned more than $23.77.

People who undertake a career as EMTs and Paramedics can expect not to work a usual forty hour week because of the fact that emergencies can happen at any time of day or night and not in the regular business hours. They have to be on call whether the weather is good or bad, to work under any type of conditions where persons are who need their help medically so that they can save lives.

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